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Photo of Unknown Grocery Store.

Photograph of Employees Checking Out Customers in an Unknown Grocery Store.

Photo of Parlor Market Retail Grocery and Meats.

Photograph of the Parlor Market, located at 103 N. Main Street, The Food Center, Retail Groceries and Meat.

Photo of Norman's Laundry Truck.

BS701-Norman Laundry Truck_Early_No date_276.jpg
Photograph of Norman's Laundry Truck early 1900's.

Photo of Newman's Clothing Store.

BS208-NewmansNO DATE.jpg
Photograph of Newsmans Clothing Store located at 259 N. Water St., Decatur, IL. Photo of Group of men looking at airplane engine.

Photo of Neustadts Clothing Store.

Photograph of Neustadts Clothing Store located on the northwest corner of Prairie and N. Water Streets, Decatur, IL.

Photo E-Z Opener Bag Co. Freight Dock.

Photograph of E-Z Opener Bag Co. --Freight Dock. "This photo was made at the old factory building at E. William and Broadway. Photo by Geo. Baker of Decatur, ran Review Nov. 19, 1911."