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Photographs of Eisenhauer Sports Teams

Photographs of Eisenhauer Football Team, Basketball Team, and Baseball Teams, State Champions in 1962.

Photographs of Roach School Building and Classroom Group Photos.

Photograph of Roach School Building taken in 1913 by Wasson Studios, ran in the Review Sept 7, 1913. Roach School Building in 1940's. Classroom photo taken 1936-1941. Group photo taken Oct 4, 1960. Group photo 3rd Grade Miss Milligan, 1950's. Group…

Dividend Announcement for Weekly Premium Life Policies 1958

This is a brochure of the dividend announcement for weekly premium life insurance policies dated 1958 explaining the dividend additions.

Photographs of Decatur High School 1950's.

Photographs of Decatur High School during the 1950's, buildings, students, Franklin Street and North Street.

Photographs of Children Playing

Various photographs of children playing taken in 1936, 1945, 1948, 1958 and 1960.

Photograph of Armed Forces Day

Photograph taken during the parade for armed forces day in May of 1958.