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William H. Suffern

BIO392-SUFFERN_WILLIAM_H, 8-25-1925.jpg
Photograph of William H. Suffern; (born 5/6/1863; died Aug. 1925); started the Suffern-Hunt Mill with his cousin Robert I. Hunt in Decatur 1892. Helped organize the Progressive Light and Power Co.; was president of the Polar Co.; member of the First…

David Patterson

Photograph of David Patterson; (died Mar 7, 1919). Wealthy land owner and farmer of Macon County, IL. He was member of the Masons and Knights Templar. Photo by VanDeventer of Decatur, IL.

Dr. M. P. Parrish

BIO303-PARRISH_DR_M_P, C1922.jpg
Photograph of Dr. M. P. Parrish (born 8/4/1868; died 5/27/1925) married Francis Emma Barkley. Chief surgeon of the Wabash Hospital since 1913; member Stephen Decatur Lodge No. 979, Macon Co. Chapter No. 21, R.A.M., Beaumanoir Commandery No. 9,…

George W. Bright

BIO65-BRIGHT_GEORGE W, 5-20-1915052.jpg
Photograph of George W. Bright (d. 4/7/1917), the oldest Mason in Decatur at the time of his death. He was the last charter member of Beaumanoir Commandery, No. 9, Knights Templar. He was an assistant cashier at the National Bank of Decatur for 20…