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Wilfred Miller's Oral History

This is the oral history of Wilfred Miller. He was interviewed by Betty Trunell on June 28, 1985. The interview includes his time with the Post Office.

Photos of 100 Block North Franklin Street.

Photograph of the 100 Block N. Franklin, looking south from the east side of Central Park. The old Revere House is the first building on the left. Photograph of Public Market East Side of Central Park on N. Franklin, 1911-1913. Photograph of 100…

Photo of Stapp's Row

BD95-Stapp's Row.jpg
Stapp's Row. This engraving is the only view obtainable of the row of five store buildings built by Dr. James Stapp and E. O. Smith in South Park street probable in the early 1860's, and known as Stapp's Row. The card from which this cut was made is…

Photo of Old Post Office

Photograph of Old Post Office Located N. Main and Eldorado Streets. Print from J. K. Stafford Collection of negatives taken in the late 1890's and early 1900's which were in the possession of Mr. and Mrs. Jack French of Cerro Gordo in 1954--recovered…

Photo of Post Office on Franklin Street, Decatur, IL.

Photograph of the Post Office located on Franklin Street, Decatur, IL. Photo by Don Baker.

Photo of Old Post Office, Main and Eldorado Streets.

Photograph of the Old Post Office, N. Main and Eldorado Streets, photo from Herald and Review Negative Collection, taken 10/18/1935.

Photo of Post Office Mural with Abe Lincoln.

Photograph of Post Office Mural taken from Herald and Review negative collection.

Photo of the interior of the post office building.

Photograph of three men seated left to right: Fred W. Gray, W. W. Kyle and Fred C. Stoewsand, assistant post master.

Photo of 400 Block N. Main - Aerial

Photograph of the 400 Block of N. Main St. Looking north east from the corner of N. Main and North Street. At left is the old post office just after it was finished and the house in the center foreground is the site of the Firestone garage at Main…

Columbia Building

BD11-Columbia Bldg 322-338 N. Main 1896.jpg
Photograph of the Columbia Building located at 322-338 North Main St. Business located there were Akers & Sanford Furniture, Stoves & Carpets, Post Office and Dr. James L. Bevans. Second photo shows where the Columbia building used to be.