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Photo of Howard Sanders Garage

Photograph of old automobiles at Howard Sanders Garage.

Photograph of N. Franklin at the 300 Block at North St.
Photograph of the house at N. Franklin and the 300 block at North St. This house, the first brick house in Decatur, stood for many years on the southeast corner of Franklin and North streets where the Sears Roebuck & Co. farm store was in 1955. It…

North Main St. Garage, 530 N. Main
Photograph of Building at 530 N. Main St. James G. Parker, agent for Haynes, Reo, White Pleasure and Commercial automobiles built this garage in 1911-12. In 1915 he sold the building to W. C. Starr. This building was destroyed by fire May 23, 1928.…

Man Working on His Car
Negative of an unknown man working on his car in a garage.

Flowers in the Garden #6
Photograph of flowers in a garden in front of a garage on June 2, 1949.

Side Door of Our Garage and Sweet Peas
Photograph of an unknown woman standing by the side door of a garage and sweet peas on May 1, 1955.

Flowers in the Garden #5
Photograph of flowers in a garden on June 2, 1949

Pond in the Backyard
Photograph of the pond in the backyard of the Roberts house. Photo includes the garage the pond is next to.

Oakland Model 8
Photograph of an Oakland Model 8 in front of the garage in the yard. Oakland Motor Car Company was a division of General Motors, and was later renamed Pontiac in 1931.