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Photographs of 276 W. Prairie Ave.

Photographs of 276 W. Prairie Ave. built in 1888. It was the home of W.R. Scruggs, one of the founders of Linn & Scruggs. In 1954 Lillian Chadsey, sister-in-law of W.R. Scruggs, still lived there.

Photograph of 315 N. Main St.

HO55-315 N Main_Chambers_1888__071.jpg
Photograph of 315 N. Main St. built in 1888.

Photo of the Ice Barn Located on the Sangamon River

Photograph of David A. "Doc" Maffit --Ice Barn--1888; located on the Sangamon river. Maffit in horse and buggy on left, with lots of horses and wagons.

Photos from the Herald and Review

Photo BS318: Review Composing Room-1895. Photo ran in the Review Building Edition December 1895. The composing room was on the fourth floor. Photo BS319: Composing Room Foreman's Office. This was located on the fourth floor at the left of the…

Uncle Fred

Photograph of Uncle Fred Besalke taken by H. Schumacher in Allenstein, Prussia in 1888.