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Photographs of 276 W. Prairie Ave.

Photographs of 276 W. Prairie Ave. built in 1888. It was the home of W.R. Scruggs, one of the founders of Linn & Scruggs. In 1954 Lillian Chadsey, sister-in-law of W.R. Scruggs, still lived there.

Photograph of 315 N. Main St.

HO55-315 N Main_Chambers_1888__071.jpg
Photograph of 315 N. Main St. built in 1888.

Photo of the Ice Barn Located on the Sangamon River

Photograph of David A. "Doc" Maffit --Ice Barn--1888; located on the Sangamon river. Maffit in horse and buggy on left, with lots of horses and wagons.

Photos from the Herald and Review

Photo BS318: Review Composing Room-1895. Photo ran in the Review Building Edition December 1895. The composing room was on the fourth floor. Photo BS319: Composing Room Foreman's Office. This was located on the fourth floor at the left of theā€¦

Uncle Fred

Photograph of Uncle Fred Besalke taken by H. Schumacher in Allenstein, Prussia in 1888.