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Photo of A & P Grocery Store

BS938-a & p west eldorado undated158.jpg
Photograph of the A & P Grocery Store located on W. Eldorado Street, Decatur, IL.

Photographs of Roach School Building and Classroom Group Photos.
Photograph of Roach School Building taken in 1913 by Wasson Studios, ran in the Review Sept 7, 1913. Roach School Building in 1940's. Classroom photo taken 1936-1941. Group photo taken Oct 4, 1960. Group photo 3rd Grade Miss Milligan, 1950's. Group…

Exterior Photographs of Millikin University
Various photographs taken of the exterior of Millikin University. Most of these photographs were taken in the early 1900's, while the photograph displaying a prominent 'Millikin University' sign was taken in the 1950's.

Photos of Westminster Presbyterian Church
Photographs of the Exterior and Interior of Westminster Presbyterian Church located at 1360 West Main Street, Decatur, IL..

Photos of the Shore Restauant
Photograph of the Shore Restaurant under construction, 22nd and Cantrell Streets, 1947. Photograph of the Shore Restaurant c. 1950's.