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Charles H. Goodmiller

BIO151-GOODMILLER_CHARLES_H, 2-19-1911.jpg
Photograph of Charles H. Goodmiller (d. 10/28/1952). Goodmiller built the first grocery story and filling station at Wyckles Corner, and became known as the "Mayor of Wyckles Corner". At 16, he began working for the former Mills Lumber Co., and…

Dr. James M. Baker

BIO39-BAKER_DR_JAMES M, 2-5-1911039.jpg
Photograph of Dr. James M. Baker (d. 12/21/1929), a Decatur Physician since 1905. He was a candidate for commissioner and coroner in the November 1911 elections. Baker was active in the Elks Lodge. The photo was taken by Vandeventer, and ran in…