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Photos of Mills Lumber Co. Building, Joseph Mills, Located at 763 E. Eldorado St., Decatur, IL.

Photograph of Mills Lumber Co. --Site. "Former headquarters for the No. 2 Volunteer Fire Dept. in the 1870's. Photo by Wasson Studio of Decatur. Ran Review Dec 12, 1912. 1910 City Directory gave address as 763 E. Eldorado St." Photograph of Joseph…

Joseph Mills

BIO272-MILLS,_JOSEPH, 8-4-1938.jpg
Photograph of Joseph Mills (died July 6, 1913). Veteran Decatur lumberman. He bought land at the corner of N. Main and William Streets in 1853 and started a carpenter shop. He was a contractor and building until 1878. During this time he erected,…

Charles H. Goodmiller

BIO151-GOODMILLER_CHARLES_H, 2-19-1911.jpg
Photograph of Charles H. Goodmiller (d. 10/28/1952). Goodmiller built the first grocery story and filling station at Wyckles Corner, and became known as the "Mayor of Wyckles Corner". At 16, he began working for the former Mills Lumber Co., and…