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George S. Simpson

Photograph of George S. Simpson; (died 4/14/1923). Pioneer of Decatur and Macon County. He helped to build the political wigwam in in State Street in which Abraham Lincoln spoke during his presidential campaign. He served as alderman from the Third…

William T. Peake

BIO305-PEAKE_WILLIAM_J, 5-1-1904.jpg
Photograph of William T. Peake (died 4/29/1921) Decatur jeweler and watch maker. For 18 years he was employed in the jewelry store of his father's, J. L. Peake. In 1904 he went into business for himself at 149 E. Main St. For eight years he served…

James Keefe

BIO199-KEEFE_JAMES, C1900.jpg
Photograph of James Keefe (d. 4/19/1910). He was a Civil War veteran, and made his living peddling seashells. In 1864, he bought his first property in Decatur. He purchased property all over Decatur and Macon County, and gave money to help bring…

Henry C. Hagen

BIO160-HAGEN_HENRY_C, C1920.jpg
Photograph of Henry C. Hagen (d. 8/20/1942). He was a member of the last city council before the commission form of government was established in 1911. He was a machinist who worked for Union Iron Works, Mueller Co., and Williams Sealing Corp. …

Charles H. Goodmiller

BIO151-GOODMILLER_CHARLES_H, 2-19-1911.jpg
Photograph of Charles H. Goodmiller (d. 10/28/1952). Goodmiller built the first grocery story and filling station at Wyckles Corner, and became known as the "Mayor of Wyckles Corner". At 16, he began working for the former Mills Lumber Co., and…

Michael Fahay

BIO137-FAHAY_MICHAEL, 8-1-1915.jpg
Photograph of Michael Fahay (d. 3/3/1941). Fahay established a hardware store and tin shop at 1102 E. Eldorado in 1894. He sold the shop to Richard E. Harner in 1937. Fahay was prominent in politics and served as alderman from the fifth ward from…

Michael Fahay

BIO136-FAHAY_MICHAEL, 6-5-1908.jpg
Photograph of Michael Fahay (d. 3/3/1941). He established a hardware store and tin shop at 1102 E. Eldorado St. in 1894, and sold it in 1937 to Richard E. Harner. Fahay was prominent in politices, and served as alderman from the fifth ward from…

Benjamin Dill

BIO117-DILL_BENJAMIN, C1920'S104.jpg
Photograph of Benjamin Dill (d. 1/7/1926). Dill was a Decatur contractor who built many houses and schools in and near Decatur. He also built the first house in Maroa, IL. Dill was an Alderman in Decatur for 2 years and commissioner of highways in…