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Charles H. Goodmiller

BIO151-GOODMILLER_CHARLES_H, 2-19-1911.jpg
Photograph of Charles H. Goodmiller (d. 10/28/1952). Goodmiller built the first grocery story and filling station at Wyckles Corner, and became known as the "Mayor of Wyckles Corner". At 16, he began working for the former Mills Lumber Co., and…

Jesse E. Bendure

BIO52-BENDURE_JESSE E, 3-12-1908047.jpg
Photograph of Jesse E. Bendure (d. 3/11/1908), superintendent of Greenwood Cemetery for 29 years. Owned a grocery store on S. Main St. when he first came to Decatur, and also served as the Macon County Coroner for 4 terms. He was the father of Roy…