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Fire Alarm Service and Diagnoses Email January 2011. Proposal for cost and labor.

This is the email proposal from Dale Johnson of the cost and labor for the fire alarm service and diagnoses from D. M. Mattson, INC. January 2011.

Board of Directors - August 2009 - Minutes and Agenda

These are the minutes and agenda of the August Board of Directors meeting in 2009. Members reviewed and discussed July's minutes, Ed Cook, Dove, Inc., city librarian's report, personnel issues, approval of bills, RPLS, Friends, Foundation, Project…

Photograph of 427 E. William St.
Photograph of 427 E. William St. In 1910 this house was built by Charles Pettyjohn. The small building in the center was a lunch stand and the house at the right with the hotel sign was a boarding house operated by Mrs. Nellie Gullett. The 1955…