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Photographs of 364 W. William St.

Photographs of 364 W. William St. This house was built by L.L. Haworth in 1880 and served as a family dwelling for 40 years. Then for 20 years it served as the home of kindergartens, dancing schools, lodge organizations and the Community Recreation…

Photos of St. Patrick's Catholic Church

Photograph of St. Patrick's Church, 406 East North Street taken in 1896. Photograph of interior of St. Patrick's during mass, church located on East Eldorado Street. Photograph of St. Patrick's School, East Eldorado, taken Aug. 1996. Postcard…

Decatur Pilot Air School

AV9-US-Dept_Commerce_Civil-Aeron_Dctr_Pilot-Air_Sch_C1940S_074 (1).jpg
Negative of unknown students and a teacher at the U.S. Dept. of Commerce Civil Aeronautics Decatur Pilot Air School in the 1940s.