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Email concerning publication of Library Contract on City Web Site. February 2011.

This is an email from Jerd Morstattler from the city of Decatur asking if the library contract could be posted on the city web site. The AFSCME, Fire, and Police contracts are posted. February 2011

Photograph of Edward Platt and Lawrence L. Gibbons

FD94-PLATT, EDWARD-3, 9-8-1932.jpg
Photograph of Fire Chief Edward Platt and head of detectives Lawrence L. Gibbons as Chief Platt claims the trophy as a token of his department having won the annual firemen-policemen baseball game.

Photographs of John D. "Jack" Duffey

FD87-DUFFEY, JOHN D-1, (JACK), 10-13-1912.jpg
Photographs of John D. "Jack" Duffey; died March 23, 1937. Veteran Decatur Fireman. He served nearly 35 years on the Fire Department. He left the Fire Department about 1912 and for about 12 years was head of Mueller's Fire Department. Later he served…

Photograph of Decatur Gambling Raid

CR8-Decatur_Gambling_Raid_6-24-1951 141 S Main_234.jpg
Photograph of a Decatur gambling raid by police in 1951.

Photograph of Slot Machines

CR15-Gambling Machines_No Date_341.jpg
Photograph of slot machines raided by police in the 1940's.

Photograph of Gambling Probe Grand Jury

Photograph of the grand jury for a gambling raid in 1936.

Photograph of Gambling Raid

Photograph of a gambling raid in 1936.

Photograph of Slot Machines being Destroyed

Photograph of slot machines being destroyed in October of 1934.

Photograph of Saratoga Club Gambling Raid

Photograph of the Saratoga Club gambling police raid in 1938.