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Photograph of the Wabash R.R. Centennial

RR36-Wabash Railroad Centennial at Decatur, IL 5-16-54269.jpg
Photograph of the Wabash R.R. Centennial in Decatur IL on May 16th, 1954 near the engine shops. Includes F-7A's 1188 and 1188A.

3 Children

Photograph of 3 children with a dog in the yard.


Photograph of a little girl sitting in the yard of a house.

Men in the Grass

Photograph of 4 men in the yard sitting in the grass

Oakland Model 8

Photograph of an Oakland Model 8 in front of the garage in the yard. Oakland Motor Car Company was a division of General Motors, and was later renamed Pontiac in 1931.

William and Augusta Besalke by the Fence

Photograph of William and Augusta Besalke standing by a fence in a yard in 1948.

Mr. and Mrs. William Besalke, an Unknown Man, and a Dog

Photograph of Mr. and Mrs. William Besalke with an unknown man and dog in the yard of a house.

Augusta Besalke in the Yard

Photograph of Augusta Besalke in the yard on February 8, 1948

William Besalke in the Yard

Photograph of William Besalke in the yard of a house on February 8, 1948.