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Johnny Mercer

Photograph of Johnny Mercer "Johnny Mercer, musician, writer of musical sketches for Paul Whiteman's orchestra, singer in Benny Goodman's orchestra, later worked with Bob Crosby on CBS, wrote lyrics for Jeepers Creepers, I'm An Old Cow Hand, Laura,…

Photograph of Carl Sandburg

VS82-Carl_Sandburg_NYWTS-Feb 1927.jpg
Photograph of Carl Sandburg who visited Decatur, IL. in February of 1927.

Photographs of President William Howard Taft.

VS33-TAFT_WILLIAM_HOWARD-1, FACING(LEFT), 2-11-1911010.jpg
Photographs of President Howard Taft. VS33: "William Howard Taft, far left, favored greeters with a fine sample of the famous Taft smile as he stepped off the train for his Decatur visit in 1911. And there in the crowd to record the event was…

Photograph of Francis Rogier and his wife.

Photograph of Francis Rogier, opera singer and his wife. Photo was used in the Decatur Herald on 3/6/1949.

Photograph of Paul Robeson, Faith Nansen and john Langdon.

Photograph of Paul Robeson and two Millikin Students. Paul came to Millikin University to perform and speak to students.

Photograph of Eddie Rickenbacker, aviator.

Photograph of Aviator Eddie Rickenbacker standing with foot on running board of car, other person unknown.

Photographs of Sally Rand.

Photographs of Sally Rand sitting at a desk, in 1947.