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Collection #59

Archaeological Survey Short Report
Discussion of Floyd Mansur's 2006 Fever River Research Project concerning the Thomas Lincoln Cabin in Macon County, Illinois.

Unknown Parks
These are scenes from unknown parks in Decatur, IL. Included are photos of two people sitting on swings, a Summer gathering around 1910, children playing in the water, and a project completed by the WPA.

James Siburt's Oral History

This is the oral history of James Siburt. He was interviewed by Betty Turnell on January 31, 1984. The interview covers his time working for the Railway Express.

Amherst Hardy's Oral History

This is the oral history of Amherst Hardy. He was interviewed by Robert Williams on February 28, 1990. The interview includes his early life, working for the Herald and Review, and his experience during World War II.

Photographs of the Interior of Decatur High School
Photographs of the interior of Decatur High School including the gym, auditorium, the girls locker room, a science classroom and the music room taken around 1940.

Photographs of the Exterior of Decatur High School
Photographs of the exterior of the Decatur High School main building taken at an unknown date and Kintner Gym taken in 1940.

Photographs of the Construction of Kintner Gym
Various photographs taken during the construction of Kintner Gym which was built for Decatur High School in 1940.