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1917 Decatur High School Decanois

This is the 1917 Decatur High School yearbook

A.M. Kenney

BIO203-KENNEY_A_M, C1917.jpg
Photograph of A.M. Kenney. He was the former presiden of the Citizens National Bank, and resigned in 1929. The photo was taken by Vandeventer around 1917, and used in the Decatur Daily Review.

Camping at Okaw River (1917)

Photograph of a group of people camping by the Okaw River in 1917.

Camping at Okaw River (1917)

Photograph of a group of people in the Okaw River during a camping trip (1917).

Camping on the Okaw River (1917)

Photograph of a group of people camping at the Okaw River in 1917.

Capt. W. L. Krigbaum

BIO220-KRIGBAUM_W_LUTZ-2, C1917.jpg
Photograph of Capt. W. L. Krigbaum take by the Herald and Review, Decatur, IL.

Charles M. Allison

BIO29-ALLISON_CHARLES M, 10-28-1917030.jpg
Photograph of Charles M. Allison, the founder and president of the Home Manufacturing Company. He started his business in him home in May 1895, and later moved it to the old Arcade building and then to the Kincaid Building on E. Eldorado. …

David B. Parr

BIO302-PARR_DAVID_ 5-26-1917.jpg
Photograph of David B. Parr; former owner of the City Book Store (the firm of Parr and Parr) which was located at 124 Merchant St. He sold out and in 1917 they moved to Fayette County, IL. His wife was formerly household editor for the Decatur…

Frederick Schwab

BIO345-SCHWAB_FREDERICK, 8-3-1917.jpg
Photograph of Frederick Schwab; (died 10/5/1928). He was the last of the officers of the 116th Illinois Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War. He was a charter member of Post 1, G.A.R., and a member of Dunham Post 141 G.A.R. When he first came to…