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Captain Verne R. Longstreet

Photograph of Sgt. Verne R. Longstreet. Served overseas during World War I. He moved quickly through the ranks; he was made captain before the end of the war.

Photo do Glenn D. Johnson in uniform

AF416-WWII_JOHNSON, GLENN D, 8-5-1943.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Johnson, Glenn, D., son of Mr. and Mrs. Mac Johnson, 632 West Center street and husband of former Vera Allphin of Decatur.

Photo fo Marion F. Smith in uniform

AF654-WWII_SMITH, MARION F, 6-18-1942.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Smith, Corp. Marion F., Article on back of photo; "Corp. Marion F. Smith, technician fifth grade, son of Mr. and Mrs. Marion R. Smith of 2660 North Union street, has arrived with U. S. troops in Northern Ireland, according…

Photo of Lt. Richard A. and Lt. John H. Wetzel in uniform

AF771-WWII_WETZEL, RICHARD A, (LEFT), & JOHN H, 1-23-1941.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Wetzel, Richard A. and John H.; Article on back of photo; "Lieutenants Richard A. and John H. Wetzel, 745 South Maffit street, have been called into service with the U. S. Army, Ricard, 22, will report for active duty with…

Photo of 1st Lt. Jack Scharnberg in uniform

AF619-WWII_SCHARNBERG, JACK, 10-29-1942.jpg
Herald and Review Library: Scharnberg, 1st Lt. Jack; Article on back of photo; "First Lieut. Jack Scharnberg, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Scharnberg, 260 South College street, is home this week on a furlough from Camp Edwards, Mass., where he is…

Photo of 1st. Lt. Walter Fisher in uniform

AF219-WWII_FISHER, WALTER, 4-4-1941.jpg
WWII - Herald and Review Library; Fisher, First Lieut. Walter, 4/4/1941. Article on back: "First Lieut. Walter Fisher, of Fisher Sign Co. has left for Fort Benning, GA. for two months Army training. A reserve officer, Lieut. Fisher will be…

Photo of 2nd Lt. Barbara (Huston) Thompson in uniform

Herald and Review Library: Thompson, 2nd Lt. Barbara (Huston) Mrs. David; Article on back of photo; "Second Lieut. Barbara Huston, U. S. Army nurse now at Percy Jones hospital at Battle Creek, Mich., left last night after passing 36 hours leave with…