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Photograph of Virginia Slaton after Acquitted of Norman Kennedy's Murder
Photograph of Virginia Slaton and her lawyer, Robert Shonkwiler after her acquittal for the murder of Norman Kennedy.

George I. Fulk
Photograph of George I. Fulk, formerly of Bethany, IL. Fulk was a lawyer by trade, but also the Macon County Chairman of the 1951 Crusade for Freedom, a delegate to the international peace conference at the Hague in 1907 under President Theodore…

"Immortal J.N." Free
Photograph of "Immortal J.N." (Jacob Newman) Free (d. 6/27/1906). Free was a wanderer who traveled throughout the United States for 50 years by riding for free on every railroad, and staying in hotels at their expense. He was considered harmlessly…

D.L. Bunn
Photograph of D.L. Bunn (d. 11/30/1907), a prominent Decatur lawyer. He was admitted to the bar in 1862, an partnered with John H. Pugh, Browner Bunn, and Edwin Park. He was the first assistant in the Church St. school, and helped organize the…