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Photograph of the corner of N. Church St. and William St.

HO40-300_BLOCK_N_CHURCH_ST, D_C_SHOCKLEY_HSE, 7-22-1905.jpg
Photograph of the house at the 300 Block of N. Church St. and William St. corner. Built about 1880 by D.C. Shockley. It was torn down when the Masonic Temple was built on that site. The Temple was started in October 1927.

John W. Armstrong

BIO32-ARMSTRONG_JOHN W, C 1930033.jpg
Photograph of John W. Armstrong (d. 3/5/1930). He was first associated with D.C. Shockley, and helped erect many of Decatur's important buildings. He was also associated with George S. Lyon in the lumber business. Armstrong was the Building…