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Photo of Rev. Jerome H. Smart

Photograph of Rev. Jerome H. Smart, former Christian Church minister in Decatur, (died 11/6/1913). Veteran of the civil War and entered ministry about 1870. For several years associated with "The Christian," a paper published in St. Louis, later…

Col. D. F. Tiedeman

BIO418-TIEDEMAN_COL_D_F, C1901.jpg
Photograph of Colonel D. F. Tiedeman taken in 1901, photo used in 1916.

Jerry P. Nicholson

BIO290-NICHOLSON_JERRY, 3-9-1914.jpg
Photograph of Jerry P. Nicholson; (died Feb 25, 1917). He was first elected Macon County Sheriff in 1894. From 1906 to 1910 he served as a deputy. In 1910 he was again elected sheriff. After his first term as sheriff expires he was street…

Henry B. Barnhart

BIO47-BARNHART_HENRY_B, 1-7-1912426.jpg
Photograph of Henry B. Barnhart (d. 7/28/1924), a Civil War veteran and active member of the GAR. He was a carpenter and farmer, and retired in 1905. After retirement, he started investing in real estate and owned several valuable city properties. …

John W. Armstrong

BIO32-ARMSTRONG_JOHN W, C 1930033.jpg
Photograph of John W. Armstrong (d. 3/5/1930). He was first associated with D.C. Shockley, and helped erect many of Decatur's important buildings. He was also associated with George S. Lyon in the lumber business. Armstrong was the Building…