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Photographs of 364 W. William St.

Photographs of 364 W. William St. This house was built by L.L. Haworth in 1880 and served as a family dwelling for 40 years. Then for 20 years it served as the home of kindergartens, dancing schools, lodge organizations and the Community Recreation…

Photograph of 414 W. Main St.

Photograph of 414 W. Main St. this house was built by J.W. Race about 1880. He sold it in 1904 to William Y. Jackman. It changed hands several times before 1911 when John Henton bought it and tore it down and built the Henton Apartments on that site.

Photograph of the Stapp Lions

These lions were purchased by Dr. J.T.B. Stapp and placed in front of his home at 252 N. Franklin St. in the early 1880's. This house was later purchased by I.A. Harkrader. The lions stood at that address until Mrs. Rollo C. Persinger, who last…

Photographs of 401 N. College Rd.

HO21-401 N COLLEGE, ENGLAND MANSION, 12-9-1933.jpg
Photograph of 401 N. College Rd. This house was built by William B. Chambers in the late 1880's. Around 1888 it was sold to Silas Packard. In 1915 it was sold to Attorney James T. Whitley who resold it the same year to C.E. England. England…

Photograph of the corner of N. Church St. and William St.

HO40-300_BLOCK_N_CHURCH_ST, D_C_SHOCKLEY_HSE, 7-22-1905.jpg
Photograph of the house at the 300 Block of N. Church St. and William St. corner. Built about 1880 by D.C. Shockley. It was torn down when the Masonic Temple was built on that site. The Temple was started in October 1927.

Photograph of 752 N. Broadway

Photograph of the house at 752 N. Broadway, where the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen was organized in 1880. Home of William Felton.

Photographs of the A. E. Staley House

HO1-361_N_COLLEGE_ST-1, A_E_STALEY-HOME, C1900.jpg
361 N. College. Built by W. J. Quinlan in the early 1880's and sold to William H. Ennis in 1891. It was bought by A. E. Staley in 1913 and extensively remodeled. The home was given to the Y.M.C.A. in September of 1952 by Mrs. Emma L. Staley. In 1952…