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Leo T. Johnson

BIO193-JOHNSON_LEO_T, C1917.jpg
Photograph of Leo T. Johnson. He was attended Millikin University, and was the head football coach for 14 years there. Johnson became the track coach at University of Illinois in 1937. He was a past president of the Decatur Kiwanis Club, and a…

Delano, Crunelle, and Taft

BIO114-DELANO_FREDERIC_A, (LEFT), 10-2-1929101.jpg
Photograph of Frederic A. Delano, Laurence Crunelle, and Lorado Taft at the joint luncheon of the Illinois Art Extension tour and the American Civic Association at the Decatur Country Club on September 30, 1929. Delano was the president of the…

Ralph O. Conklin

BIO89-CONKLIN_RALPH_O, 7-12-1918077.jpg
Photograph of Ralph O. Conklin (b. 2/4/1978, d. 1/1/1955). He was the son of Amos Conklin, and the co-owner of the old Conklin Bakery Co., where he pioneered the manufacture of pre-sliced bread in 1929. Conklin was a member of the First Methodist…

Bernard Bradley

BIO63-BRADLEY_BERNARD, C 1900-1920050.jpg
Photograph of Bernard Bradley (b. 1859, d. 10/15/1941), a Decatur merchant and partner in the Bradley Bros. department store. Bradley came to Decatur in 1881, and opened the store at 123 N. Water with his brother, Dennis. The store moved from this…