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Fairview Park - Pavilion

These are the photographs of the pavilion at Fairview Park. One photo includes woman and girls standing around the flower bed in front of the pavilion. The photos were taken around 1900.

Fairview Park - Canoe Trip

This photograph shows a group of women and girls in a canoe on a lake in Fairview Park. The photo was taken by C.F. Ebenhardt.

Fairview Park - Croquet

This photograph shows a man playing croquet on June 20, 1960 in Fairview Park.

Fairview Park - Scenes 1896

These photos of Fairview Park were taken by the Herald or Daily Review in 1896.

Fairview Park - Enjoying the Park

These are negatives of people enjoying Fairview Park. The photos were taken in 1943 and 1968 by Decatur Herald & Review.

Dreamland Park

This is a photograph of Dreamland Park showing the amusement park in the background and men in row boats on Dreamland Lake. The photo was taken by Decatur Herald & Review on March 12, 1916. Dreamland Park was later added to Fairview Park.

Fairview Park - Sign 1940

These are negatives of the West End entrance sign at Fairview Park. The photo was taken by the Herald & Review on June 21, 1940.

Fairview Park - Log Bridge

This is a negative of the log bridge in Fairview Park. The photo was taken by Decatur Herald and Review.

Fairview Park - Work

These are negatives showing the work done to take care of Fairview Park. This includes cutting up trees, planting trees, putting up signs, and road work. The photos were taken by Decatur Herald & Review.