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Photos from the Oklahoma Addition, located close to the Sangamon River.

Photographs of the Oklahoma Addition showing the living conditions before and after flooding. It was located between U.S. 51 and Jasper Street

Photographs from Decatur Celebration in 1986

Various photographs from the 1986 Decatur Celebration showing people participating in the celebration. Celebration Parade, Uncle Sam on stilts. Photograph of celebration crowd.

Photos of Mueller Company Band and People Watching a Baseball Game.

Photograph of people watching a Mueller Co. baseball game. Photograph of the Mueller Factory Band with small child.

Photos of Mueller Mfg. Co.

Photograph of Mueller Art Department Building. Photo of Mueller Co. interior men standing around machines. Photo of Mueller Co. interior. Photograph of Mueller Co. located along Wabash Railroad on West Cerro Gordo St.

Photos of Shellabarger Mills

Photograph BS231: Grain Storage Building with cars and trucks parked nearby. Photo BS232: Worker bagging flour. Photo BS233: Workers bagging soy flour. Photo BS234: Shellabarger Buildings.

Photo of City Auto Garage Co.

BS291-City Auto Garage_Main and Church_No Date.jpg
Photograph of the City Auto Garage Co. located at W. Main and N. Church Street, Decatur, IL.

Photo of Building 300 Block N. Main

Photograph of Decatur city street, 300 Block N. Main looking north and east from the intersection of William St.

Bridges over Decatur Lake, Decatur, IL.

Photograph of bridges; railroad and vehicle, taken Aug 1950 by W. M. Bishop of Decatur, IL.

1906 Ebel's Decatur City Directory

This is the 1906 Ebel's Decatur City Directory.