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Postcard from Henry Hibbs to Williams Hibbs - January 22, 1918 - La Chateau et l'Avant-Port de Guerre
This is a postcard from Henry Hibbs to William Hibbs letting William know they left Brest on the 8th of January and arrived in New York on the 22,d of January. There is a picture of the Brest port on the front of the postcard with ships, a fort, and…

General John Pershing - Visit to Decatur
These are the glass negatives of General John Pershing's visit to Decatur in 1922. The photo was taken by Sam Tucker for Charles Wasson of Wasson Studios in Decatur, IL.

Mueller Park - Adolph Mueller Community Center
These are photos of the Adolph Mueller Community Center at Mueller Park/Southside Park. The photos include images of the building, children working on projects, dances, and a circus.

Fairview Park - Ice Skating
These are photographs of people skating on Dreamland Lake at Dreamland Park, which later became part of Fairview Park. The photos were taken by J.K. Stafford on February 2, 1908.

Fairview Park - Enjoying the Park
These are negatives of people enjoying Fairview Park. The photos were taken in 1943 and 1968 by Decatur Herald & Review.

Photo of Decatur High School C.1910
Photo of Decatur High School before the construction of high school built on Franklin and North Streets.

Photos from the Oklahoma Addition, located close to the Sangamon River.
Photographs of the Oklahoma Addition showing the living conditions before and after flooding. It was located between U.S. 51 and Jasper Street

Photographs from Decatur Celebration in 1986
Various photographs from the 1986 Decatur Celebration showing people participating in the celebration. Celebration Parade, Uncle Sam on stilts. Photograph of celebration crowd.