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Miscellaneous Photos Chaps Amusement Park.
Photographs: Ferris Wheel, Merry-go-Round, J. L. Culumber, Aerial View, Roller Rink and the train Little Rebel.

Dreamland Park
This is a photograph of Dreamland Park showing the amusement park in the background and men in row boats on Dreamland Lake. The photo was taken by Decatur Herald & Review on March 12, 1916. Dreamland Park was later added to Fairview Park.

Photos of Joy Land Amusement Park Rides
Photographs of Joyland Amusement Park. Photo of ferris wheel, tiltawhirl, bullet ride, and lake. Photo of entrance, train track, domed building and giant slide.

Photos of Chap's Amusement Park
Photo of Chap's Train taken in 1945. Photo of the Ferris Wheel and aerial views of the park. Aerial views taken in 1954 and 1956.