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Photograph of the Corner of Jackson and Eldorado

Photograph of the house at the 400 block of E. Eldorado at the corner of Jackson St. It was built by George Haworth in 1881-1882. Haworth sold the property to Moses Stafford who sold it to St. Patrick's Catholic Church in 1891 to be used for a parish…

Photo of St. Patrick's First Communion in 1946.

Photograph of St. Patrick's First Communion Class on June 9, 1946. There were 48 members that took their first communion. Front Row: Buddy Busch, Paul Higar, _____, Omer Bussen, Daniel Lamb, ______, ______, ______, Judy Peters, Joan Funk, David…

Photos of St. Patrick's Catholic Church

Photograph of St. Patrick's Church, 406 East North Street taken in 1896. Photograph of interior of St. Patrick's during mass, church located on East Eldorado Street. Photograph of St. Patrick's School, East Eldorado, taken Aug. 1996. Postcard…