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Photographs from Founders Day at Oglesby School

SC114-Oglesby School_Founders  Day_PTA_1968380.jpg
Photographs from Founderst Day at Oglesby School. The first photograph from left to right: Mrs. Feitts (?), Mrs. Tilley, Mrs. Collins. The second photograph starting on the left side: Mrs. Barday, Mrs. Jarvis, Mrs. Cecil Wilson, Mrs. Figgle(?). On…

Photographs of the Powers-Jarvis Mansion

Photographs of the Powers-Jarvis Mansion at 357 W. Decatur St. The house was built in 1910 by Charles G. Powers. John F. Wieser acquired the house in 1933 when it got involved in Florida land investments and was foreclosed. J.P. Gobberdiel bought it…