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Photographs from Founders Day at Oglesby School
Photographs from Founderst Day at Oglesby School. The first photograph from left to right: Mrs. Feitts (?), Mrs. Tilley, Mrs. Collins. The second photograph starting on the left side: Mrs. Barday, Mrs. Jarvis, Mrs. Cecil Wilson, Mrs. Figgle(?). On…

Photograph of Mrs. A.R. Taylor
Photograph of Mrs. A.R. Taylor; died April 21st, 1938. Wife of Albert R. Taylor, first president of Millikin University. In this picture are, front left: Mrs. Mary E. Dyer, front right: Mrs. A.R. Taylor. In the back, left to right are: Mrs. Jemima…

Photographs of Professor Brown during a VITA Program at the Decatur Public Library, 2005
Photographs of Professor Brown during a VITA program, which is a tax assistance program in the Gates Computer Lab at the Decatur Public Library in 2005.

Photograph of 925 N. Main St.
Photograph of 925 N. Main St. This house was built in 1865 and 1866 by J.Q. Brown who lived there until about 1874 when he sold it to Dr. W.A. Barnes. Dr. Barnes sold it in 1891 to James D. Tait, who left it to his son, Joseph S. Tait. In 1921 the…