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Group Photos of Teachers Standing in Front of Oglesby School.

SC464-Oglesby Teachers  1931253.jpg
Group Photo of Teachers in Front of Oglesby School. Mrs. Lena B. Higdon is second from the left in the front row.

Oglesby School and Mother's Show

Photographs of Oglesby School Building, Mother's Show and Cleaning Up in front of the school.

Photographs of Oglesby School Fathers Club

SC108-Oglesby School_Fathers Club_No Date378.jpg
Photographs of the Oglesby School fathers club taken at an unknown date.

Photographs from Founders Day at Oglesby School

SC114-Oglesby School_Founders  Day_PTA_1968380.jpg
Photographs from Founderst Day at Oglesby School. The first photograph from left to right: Mrs. Feitts (?), Mrs. Tilley, Mrs. Collins. The second photograph starting on the left side: Mrs. Barday, Mrs. Jarvis, Mrs. Cecil Wilson, Mrs. Figgle(?). On…

Photograph of May Pole at Oglesby School

Photograph of children playing around a May Pole at Oglesby school on the playground. This photograph was taken in 1931.

Various Class Photographs from Oglesby School

SC102-Class Picture_1931371.jpg
Various Class Photographs from Oglesby School taken on February 26th, 1931.