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Fairview Park Bridge
This is a glass negative of a bridge in Fairview Park. The photo was taken by the Pfile's Camera Shop for the Decatur Herald & Review in Decatur, IL around 1930.

Scovill Gardens
These are negatives of Scovill Gardens. They show the pond, entrance, and little red bridge that were a part of the park. The photos were taken by Decatur Herald & Review and Rembrandt Studio

Fairview Park - Aerial Views
These are the aerial views of Fairview Park that were taken in 1961, and 1964.

Photograph of the Agora Society
Photograph of Decatur High School's Agora Society, a literary society, taken in the west end of Fairview Park in the spring of 1914.

Drawings of the Wigwam
Drawings of a recreation of the Wigwam tent set up on S. Park St. across from Central Park where Abraham Lincoln was nominated for president on May 9-10, 1860.

Photograph of 'Ten Gallon Lil' at the Waterworks
Photograph of 'Ten Gallon Lil' after she was moved from Central Park to the Waterworks around 1930. The fountain itself dates back to 1876.

Photographs from the Transfer House Centennial Celebration
Photographs taken from the June 22, 1996 Transfer House Centennial Celebration in Central Park. Steve Craven directs a special section of the Decatur Municipal Band.

Photographs of Lincoln Square and Transfer House in 1996
Photographs of Lincoln Square, the Transfer House's former location and a photograph of the Transfer House as it sits now in Central Park taken in 1996.

Photographs from the Old Settlers Reunion
Photographs from several Old Settlers Association Reunions in Fairview Park taken in 1911, 1917, 1930 and 1935.