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Arthur M. Waggoner

Photograph of Arthur M. Waggoner; Decatur Architect in 1934 was appointed C. W. A. purchasing agent for Macon County, IL. He was formerly connected with the C. J. Aschauer Contractors.

Bridge in Macon County, IL.

Photograph of bridge under construction in Macon County, IL.

Bridge near Decatur, IL.

Photograph of old wooden bridge, trees and bridge reflected in the water.

Bridges over Decatur Lake, Decatur, IL.

Photograph of bridges; railroad and vehicle, taken Aug 1950 by W. M. Bishop of Decatur, IL.

Charles A. Thrift

BIO417-THRIFT_CHARLES_A, 9-29-1930.jpg
Photograph of Charles A. Thrift; (died 2/27/1935) married Jennie McKinley, 1/12/1887. Twice elected sheriff of Macon County, first in 1902 and again in 1926.

Charles E. Tandy

BIO407-TANDY_CHARLES_E, 7-2-1924.jpg
Photograph of Charles E. Tandy; (died July 1924; married Caroline Talbott, 2/3/1887); Sheriff of Macon County, IL. 1914-1919. Photo ran 7/2/1924.

County Bridge Looking Upstream From Waterworks

BR10-County_bridge_looking upstream_from_waterworks.jpg
Photograph of the county bridge looking upstream from near the waterworks. Photo was taken before the lake filled up. Photo by Rembrandt Studio of Decatur, IL.

Daniel "Big Dan" Sullivan

BIO394-SULLIVAN_DAN_Big Dan C1920.jpg
Photograph of Daniel "Big Dan" Sullivan (died 4/8/1926). "Big Dan" Sullivan formerly chief of police of Decatur and a former deputy sheriff of Macon County. Daniel Sullivan was born in Jacksonville, but came to Decatur when a very young man. He went…

David Patterson

Photograph of David Patterson; (died Mar 7, 1919). Wealthy land owner and farmer of Macon County, IL. He was member of the Masons and Knights Templar. Photo by VanDeventer of Decatur, IL.