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Photographs of the Sangamon River at the Waterworks.

LD132-Boats at Waterworks_No Date_041.jpg
Photographs of the Sangamon River at the Waterworks. One taken shortly after September 1913 during construction of the filter plant at the Waterworks.

Photograph of Sailboats on Lake Decatur

Photograph of sailboats on Lake Decatur taken June 7, 1951.

Photographs of Lake Decatur Sailboats Yachting

Photographs of Lake Decatur sailboats yachting taken July 25, 1948.

Photographs of Boats on Lake Decatur

Photographs of boats on Lake Decatur taken in the 1930's.

Bridges over Decatur Lake, Decatur, IL.

Photograph of bridges; railroad and vehicle, taken Aug 1950 by W. M. Bishop of Decatur, IL.