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Photos of the Ehman Co. and Mantel Factory
Photograph BS183: Ehman & Co. Mantel Factory. Located at the north east corner of Jasper and Garfield streets. This view shows the east side of the building with power house and drying sheds in background. The factory was destroyed by fire 1/7/1911.…

Photo of Mueller Men in Horseless Carriage
Photograph of Mueller Men in horseless carriage. Used in Decatur Business 977.358A, p.47. Photo by Noel C. Dicks.

Photo of Mueller Family taken in 1905.
Photograph of the Mueller Family taken in 1905. Top Row; L-R: Clara, daughter of Philip; Adolph; Robert; Robert Jr.;, son of Philip; Oscar; Fred; Frank; Frank W. Cruikshank; Leda, daughter of Philip; Philip; Phillis, daughter of Philip; Henry and…

Photos of Mueller Company Band and People Watching a Baseball Game.
Photograph of people watching a Mueller Co. baseball game. Photograph of the Mueller Factory Band with small child.

Photos of Mueller Mfg. Co.
Photograph of Mueller Art Department Building. Photo of Mueller Co. interior men standing around machines. Photo of Mueller Co. interior. Photograph of Mueller Co. located along Wabash Railroad on West Cerro Gordo St.

George Zwilling
Photograph of George Zwilling; (died 1/26/1946). Veteran employee of the Mueller Co. He moved to Decatur in 1891 and joined the Mueller Co. and remained in the employ almost 35 years before retiring. He was a member of the Decatur Council No. 577,…

Frank O. Zetterlind
Photograph of Frank O. Zetterlind; (died 10/13/1933). He was an employee of the Mueller Co. for 53 years. He came to Decatur in June of 1880 and was hired as a blacksmith by Hieronymous Mueller. He later became head of the blacksmith shop there and…

George H. Stoy
Photography of George H. Stoy; (died 7/15/1943). Former Decatur township highway commissioner and city milk inspector. Ill health in 1941 caused him to resign as milk inspector. He was employed by the Mueller Co. for 18 years. Later he was township…