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Photos of Wagner Castings
Photograph of men pouring molten metal. Photo of two men standing at the entrance gate.

Photo of Mueller Family taken in 1905.
Photograph of the Mueller Family taken in 1905. Top Row; L-R: Clara, daughter of Philip; Adolph; Robert; Robert Jr.;, son of Philip; Oscar; Fred; Frank; Frank W. Cruikshank; Leda, daughter of Philip; Philip; Phillis, daughter of Philip; Henry and…

Photos of Mueller Company Band and People Watching a Baseball Game.
Photograph of people watching a Mueller Co. baseball game. Photograph of the Mueller Factory Band with small child.

Photos of Mueller Mfg. Co.
Photograph of Mueller Art Department Building. Photo of Mueller Co. interior men standing around machines. Photo of Mueller Co. interior. Photograph of Mueller Co. located along Wabash Railroad on West Cerro Gordo St.

Photos of Chambers, Bering & Quinlan
Photograph BS75: Three ladies working. BS76 several ladies and two men watching a manufacturing process. Photo BS77 office building for C.B.Q Co. (Chambers, Bering & Quinlan). BS982 photos of horse drawn plow manufactured by Chambers, Bering,…