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Fairview Park - Winter Scenes 1940s
These negatives are winter scenes in Fairview Park in the 1940s. The photos were taken by Decatur Herald & Review.

Fairview Park - Winter Scene 1914
This is a photograph of a winter scene in Fairview Park that was taken by the Decatur Herald or Daily Review on February 14, 1914.

Fairview Park - Winter Scene 1909
Winter scenes of Fairview Park that were taken by J.K. Stafford on January 31, 1909.

Photographs of Winter Activities
Various photographs of winter activities including sledding and sleighing parties, one taken in 1910 and 1955 and the others taken at unknown dates.

Photo of Paving Machine on East Hickory Street.
Photograph of Paving Equipment on East Hickory Street at Warren. "Paving work halted in late December, 1909 when snow blanketed East Hickory Street at Warren Street. Travel on the frozen ground in winter in those days was much better than theā€¦

Gene Roberts and George Watkins
Photograph of Gene Roberts and George Watkins standing in a field in Winter.