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Photo of Conrad Striewing, proprietor of the Crystal Theater.

BS379-Conrad Striewing_Owner_1914.jpg
Photograph of Conrad Striewing; (died 5/30/1914). Proprietor of the Crystal Theater on Water Street. For many years he was a traveling salesman but later he purchased the theater. It was called the Nasawan but he changed the name to the Crystal. It…

Photo of the Dan Higgins Theater

Photograph of the Higgins Theater, 1234 E. Eldorado St., Decatur, IL.

Photos of the Empress Building --Corbett -Moran Building, interior and ticket booth.

Photograph of the Empress/Corbett-Moran Building in 1912. Photograph of the Empress Building in 1951. Photographs of the Empress taken in 1962. Photograph of the interior of the Empress Theatre. Photo of ticket booth with Wayne Matt and ticket…

Photos of the Lincoln Theatre, Exterior and Interior

Photographs of the Lincoln Theater Marquee. Photograph of the Lincoln Theatre opening night 1916, theater filled. Photograph of the Lincoln Theatre lobby. Photographs of the interior. Photograph of the Art Deco on outside of the building.