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Photograph of 314 W. Decatur St.

HO97-314_W_DECATUR_ST, C1900_105.jpg
Photograph of 314 W. Decatur St. This house, built around 1875 or 1876, was the home of John Ullrich. In 1920 it was sold by the heirs of his estate to George Williams. In November 1944 it was sold by Elizabeth T. Williams to Norbert McNamara who…

Photograph of 836 N Church St

HO38-836_N_CHURCH_ST,  J_W_OSGOOD_APT_HSE, 11-19-1911.jpg
Photograph of 836 N Church St. This apartment house was built by J.W. Osgood in 1911. It has changed owners several times and was bought by Ralph E. McDaniel from Rosa Bauer in 1951. It is known as the McDaniel Apartments.

Unknown Girl on the Balcony

Photograph of an unknown girl standing on the balcony of an apartment building.