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Decatur Public Library Local History Photo Collection

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Maurice Lee

BIO228-LEE_MAURICE, (RIGHT), 11-27-1904.jpg
Photograph of Maurice Lee, on the right with three other gentlemen. A Decatur Attorney, he was appointed deputy coroner in 1904. Photo of Maurice Lee only, ran Nov. 27, 1904.

John G. Imboden

BIO186-IMBODEN_JOHN_G, 5-7-1904.jpg
Photograph of John G. Imboden (d. 10/1925). He was an internationally renown cattle feeder how raised Hereford calves, and was a butcher for many years. He also worked as a superintendent of the First Methodist Church. He was also the state…

Levi P. Graham

BIO153-GRAHAM_LEVI_P, 11-13-1904.jpg
Photograph of Levi P. Graham (d. 1907). He was a patent attorney and inventor. Graham invented a seed corn sorter, and had several other patents on corn planting machinery. The photo was taken by Smith of Decatur, and ran in the Decatur Herald on…

1904 Ramblers

Photograph of Ramblers along N. Water St. in front of storefronts like the Macon County Title and Loan and Johnson and Landis Bicycles in 1904.