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Judge William Corwin Johns

Photograph of Judge William Corwin Johns (d. 6/25/1914). He came to Decatur in 1849, and attended Decatur schools. He served in the Civil War, and attended Lombard University and the University of Michigan. Johns studied law in the law office of…

"Immortal J.N." Free

Photograph of "Immortal J.N." (Jacob Newman) Free (d. 6/27/1906). Free was a wanderer who traveled throughout the United States for 50 years by riding for free on every railroad, and staying in hotels at their expense. He was considered harmlessly…

Emilie, Fred, Willie, and Edwin Parwolski (Boltz Family #4)

Two photographs of the Parwolski family. The first is of Emilie (Boltz) Parwolski, Fred Parwolski, and their two sons, Willie and Edwin. The second is of Fred and one of the sons by the back door. Both were taken in 1906 in Decatur, IL .

C.E. Akers

BIO25-AKERS_C_E, 12-16-1906026.jpg
Photograph of C.E. Akers, a prominent Decatur furniture dealer in business with Alva Wilson for 20 years. He was also the president and stockholder of the Osgood-Heiner Co. After leaving the furniture business, he moved to Arkansas. The photo was…

Iroquois Club Minstrels of 1906

Photograph of the Iroquois Club minstrels in 1906. The group was presented by R.L. Weller.

Sharon Place in 1906

Photograph of Sharon Place in 1906

1906 Ebel's Decatur City Directory

This is the 1906 Ebel's Decatur City Directory.