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Photo of Charles Kraft, Pres. of Decatur Chair Factory and interior photos.

Photograph of "Charles J. F. Craft, President of the Decatur Chair Factory. The factory started here in 1904 but went bankrupt in 1906. After leaving Decatur he became ass't sales agent of the National Fireproofing Co. Photo ran Nov. 27, 1904."…

Photograph of Sulphur Springs School, 1906.

Photograph of Sulphur Springs School, 1906. Photo ran in the Review Oct 4, 1906. This school, located 2 miles southwest of Mt. Zion was founded in 1854. The 1906 teacher was R. L. Wilson.

Photograph of the Library Science Class at Millikin University

SC335-Millikin University-library science class 1906012.jpg
Photograph of the Library Science class at Millikin University taken in 1906. First row, left to right: Anne Boyd, Verna Brooks, Minnie Redmon, Jessie Ferguson. Second Row: Eugenia Allin, unknown, Estelle Bryant, unknown.

Photographs of Illinois Traction System Rail Cars

Various photographs of Illinois Traction System rail cars. Photographs include: the Illinois Traction System motor car and trailer, date unknown; the Illinois Traction System Class B locomotive #1564 leading train, taken November 1950; the first…

Photo of House on 304 W. Wood Street

Photograph of House on 304 W. Wood Street. In 1906 the city directory listed this as the hoe of Dorvil Brooks.

Photograph of 1305 W. Main St.

Photograph of 1305 W. Main St. This house was built by Joseph M. Brownback in 1906 or 1907. In 1937 it was bought by Robert H. Mueller, Jr. who sold it in May 1946 to the Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority of Millikin University.

Photograph of 560 Powers Lane

Photograph of 560 Powers Lane. This house was built by Frank Shlaudeman in 1906 and 1907. The city directories list it as being owned by George Conover from 1918 to 1921 and by Frank J. Parr from 1921 to 1925 when it was acquired by C.C. LeForgee.…

Photograph of the 1200 Block at N. Jasper and Grand

HO53-1200_BLK_N_JASPER_ST, C1900S.jpg
Photograph of the house at the 1200 block of N. Jasper and Grand Ave. This house was built by D.B. Foster in 1906. It was a combined department store, apartments, and residence. The 1954 city directory lists that address as 1260 N. Jasper, occupied…

Photos of High Ice Cream Factory

Photograph of the people working at High Ice Cream Factory at 1247 N. Main Street, Decatur, IL. Photograph of Ice Cream Vending at the High Ice Cream Factory at 1247 N. Main St., Decatur, IL.

Photo of the Cudahay Ice Plant

BS101-CUDAHAY_ICE_PLANT, 2-25-1906.jpg
Photograph of the interior of the storage area of the Cudahay Ice Plant which the 1906 City Directory listed at the southeast corner of 7th and the Wabash R. R. Photo ran in the Review, 2/25/1906. (Men are moving blocks of ice around the building.)