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Joseph Mills

BIO272-MILLS,_JOSEPH, 8-4-1938.jpg
Photograph of Joseph Mills (died July 6, 1913). Veteran Decatur lumberman. He bought land at the corner of N. Main and William Streets in 1853 and started a carpenter shop. He was a contractor and building until 1878. During this time he erected,…

James H. Johnson

Photograph of James H. Johnson (d. 11/22/1868, d. 10/20/1952). Johnson was a member of the Decatur Police Department as an officer. He joined in January 1914, and was fired in July of 1914. Afterwards, he worked as a carpenter until his retirement…

Henry B. Barnhart

BIO47-BARNHART_HENRY_B, 1-7-1912426.jpg
Photograph of Henry B. Barnhart (d. 7/28/1924), a Civil War veteran and active member of the GAR. He was a carpenter and farmer, and retired in 1905. After retirement, he started investing in real estate and owned several valuable city properties. …