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Photograph of 1005 N. Dunham

Photograph of 1005 N. Dunham. The house was built by C.C. Burroughs in 1866. It was later owned by a Mr. Hanks who sold it to D.L. Bunn in 1881. Eight years later Bunn sold it to W.H. Lake. About 1901 William Gushard bought it from Andy Hill.

D.L. Bunn

BIO69-BUNN_D_L, 11-30-1907056.jpg
Photograph of D.L. Bunn (d. 11/30/1907), a prominent Decatur lawyer. He was admitted to the bar in 1862, an partnered with John H. Pugh, Browner Bunn, and Edwin Park. He was the first assistant in the Church St. school, and helped organize the…