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Unknown Parks

These are scenes from unknown parks in Decatur, IL. Included are photos of two people sitting on swings, a Summer gathering around 1910, children playing in the water, and a project completed by the WPA.

Nelson Park - Beach

These are photos of the beach at Nelson Park. They were taken by the Decatur Herald & Review between 1934 and 1939.

Lincoln Park - Boys Playing in a Pool

This is a photograph of boys playing in a pool at Lincoln Park. The photo was taken by Seitz Studio around 1915.

Faries Park

This is a photo of men swimming in the Sangamon River at Faries Park on July 12, 1914. The photo was taken by either the Decatur Herald or Daily Review.

Photograph of a Group of Swimmers

RC112-Games_Summer Scenes_1912_132.jpg
Photograph of a group of wimmers during the summer in 1912.

Photos of People enjoying Lake Decatur Beach.

Photographs of people enjoying the beach, swimming, playing in the sand, diving off the tower, water slide, and life guards.

Photos of Activities on Lake Decatur, Fishing, Swimming, and Ice Carnival

Photographs of people swimming, fishing, seaplane, and ice carnival on Lake Decatur. Lake Celebration with four children in costume, 1923.