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Combined Annual Meeting for 1976/1977 and Monthly Meeting for May 1977 - May 19, 1977

These are the minutes and agendas for the May monthly meeting and annual meeting of the Board of Directors. At this meeting, the Board discussed the loss of library service at St. Mary's Hospital, using Friends volunteers to bring service to Decatur…

Photographs of Outside Views of St. Mary's Hospital

Photographs of outside views of St. Mary's Hospital taken in the 1960's and 1970's.

Photographs of Aerial Views of St. Mary's Hospital

Photographs from the 1970's and 1980's of aerial views of St. Mary's Hospital.

Photograph of Artist's Plans for St. Mary's Hospital

Photograph of an artist's plans for St. Mary's Hospital made January 7, 1959.

St. Mary's Hospital while Under Construction

Photographs of St. Mary's Hospital while under construction in 1959 through 1961.

Dr. Lucien Nelson Lindsey

Photograph of Dr. Lucien Nelson Lindsey, Forsyth, IL. He started his practice of medicine in 1905. Served in World War I. He and his wife make a hobby of collection old glass and have a nationally famous collection. He is a member of the Macon…