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Mrs. J.E. Corrington - Woman on Horseback

This is a glass negative of Mrs. J.E. Corrington on horseback. The photo is a copy of an earlier photograph, and taken by Charles Wasson of Wasson Studios in Decatur, IL on April 7, c. 1900.

Mrs. Henry Shafer - Girl

This is the glass negative of Mrs. Henry Shafer's girl with a horse statue and the Montana Dew Drop Inn in the background. The photo was taken by Charles Wasson of Wasson Studios in Decatur, IL on March 3, c. 1910.

Dick Elliott - Man on a Horse

These are the glass negatives of a man on a horse that were taken by Charles Wasson of Wasson Studios in Decatur, IL. The photos were taken for Dick Elliott.

Photographs of Winter Activities

Various photographs of winter activities including sledding and sleighing parties, one taken in 1910 and 1955 and the others taken at unknown dates.

Photograph of East Prairie St.

Photograph of a horse being driven along East Prairie St. in Decatur around 1900 expresses his dislike of a new horseless carriage chugging along the corner. This picture of old Decatur was made from one of a number of glass negatives found in the…

Mabel on Horseback

Photograph of Mabel Roberts on horseback in Virginia.

Mabel with a Horse

Photograph of Mabel Roberts with a horse on a dirt road in Virginia.