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Photograph of Dr. Paul W. Wipperman

Photograph of Dr. Paul W. Wipperman; Died January 2, 1930. Former superintendent of the Decatur and Macon Co. Hospital. He came to Decatur in September of 1923 from an army post in Jefferson Barracks, MO. In September of 1928 he left to take charge…

George Chandler Kinsman

Photograph of George Chandler Kinsman (d. 9/18/1938). He was the former superintendent of the Wabash telegraph system. He left Decatur in 1912, after working 44 years for the Wabash Railroad, and moved to California. His second wife was Abbie…

Charles L. Hovey

Photograph of Charles L. Hovey (D. 3/1/1917). He came to Decatur from Bloomington in 1880, and worked as an agent for the Illinois Central Railroad and the P.D.&E. Railroad for 18 years. He also worked for the Cereal Mill, V.H. Parke & Son, and…

C.J. Hartley

BIO169-HARTLEY_C_J, 12-7-1913.jpg
Photograph of C.J. Hartley, the founder of the C.J. Hartley Co. He founded the company in 1897 wth his son, Arthur J. Hartley. He came to Decatu in 1882, and first worked with W.L. Oakes at Decatur Novelty Works. In 1884, he became the…

Charles P. Guest

Photograph of Charles P. Guest (d. 5/13/1945). He was the superintendent of the Macon County federal surplus food depot for 5 years. He came to Decatur in 1917. Guest worked for the Capitol Grocery Co. of Springfield and the Decatur Grocery Co. …

Jesse E. Bendure

BIO52-BENDURE_JESSE E, 3-12-1908047.jpg
Photograph of Jesse E. Bendure (d. 3/11/1908), superintendent of Greenwood Cemetery for 29 years. Owned a grocery store on S. Main St. when he first came to Decatur, and also served as the Macon County Coroner for 4 terms. He was the father of Roy…