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Photo of House on 334 W. Main Street

Photograph of House on 334 W. Main Street, Decatur, IL.., residence of Lycurgus L. Bobblett, 1909, city directory.

Photo of House on 1900 W. Main Street and Fairview Avenue.

Photograph of House on 1900 West Main and Fairview Avenue, taken about 1902. Home of Edmiston McClellan who served 28 years as Macon Co. circuit clerk. Lived in Decatur 1835-1900. (Information from Decatur and Macon County History.)

Photos of House on 701 W. Main Street

HO127-701 W MAIN, D F HOWE, 1896.jpg
Photograph of House on 701 W. Main, residence of D. F. Howe. Photograph of 701 W. Main in 1996.

Photos of Houses at 607 W. Main Street

HO125-607 W MAIN, J L STOUT 1896.jpg
Photograph of House on 607 W. Main Street, residence of J. L. Stout, 1896. Photograph of House at 607 W. Main Street, 1996.

Photo of House on 531 W. Main Street

HO131-531_W_MAIN_ST, MICHAEL_TROUTMAN_HSE, 12-1-1912.jpg
Photograph of House on 531 W. Main Street, Decatur, IL. "Originally built by Michael Troutman in 1868. It was the first brick residence built on that street. In 1912 it was remodeled and a coat of cement plaster was put over the brick. Mr. and Mrs.…