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Photo of Rev. Eugene M. Smith, pastor First Christian Church

Photograph of Rev. Eugene m. Smith (died 9/13/1923). Rev. Smith former pastor of the First Christian Church in Decatur. He came to Decatur in 1908 and remained until 1915, when to went to Carthage, IL. In 1910 he was elected president of the Northern…

Mrs. M. M. (Olive) Wornick

BIO478-WORNICK_OLIVE, (MRS_M_M, 5-17-1914.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. M. M. (Olive) Wornick; (died 5/26/1943). Prominent in civic and social work in Decatur. She had been a member of the Decatur Woman's Club since 1904. In 1914 she was vice-chairman of the art and literature division of that club.…

Arthur D. Wilson

BIO470-WILSON, ARTHUR D, 1-2-1921.jpg
Photograph of Arthur D. Wilson; (died 4/11/1931). Special officer for the Illinois Central Railroad. He was best known for his connection with the Illinois National Guard. He joined the old Fifth Regiment in 1897. This company became a federalized…

Mrs. A. M. Wells (Mary R.)

BIO459-WELLS_MRS_A_M, (MARY R), 10-30-1927.jpg
Photograph of Mrs. A. M. Wells (Mary R.). Died 6/18/1954. Wife of Rev. A. M. Wells who died in 1950. He was for 50 years in the Methodist ministry in Central Illinois. During the last 19 years of his ministry he was executive secretary of the…

Charles E. Vulgamott

Photograph of Charles E. Vulgamott; (died 4/15/1933). Former Macon County supervisor. He was member of the Vulgamott & Wheeler Implement firm in Cerro Gordo, IL. He served on the Macon Co. board of supervisors for 8 years. At the time of this death…

Rev. E. H. Shuey and family

BIO361-SHUEY_REV_E_H _&_FAMILY, C1900.jpg
Photograph of Rev. E. H. Shuey; (died 1/15/1944). He was a former pastor of the First United Brethren church in Decatur when the present church building at Union and Eldorado street was built. He was also pastor of the Third United Brethren church…

Henry Schlie

BIO399-SCHLIE_HENRY, C1918.jpg
Photograph of Henry Schlie; (died 11/30/1922) married Augusta Schwab 6/1/1879; she died in 1899. He organized the Decatur Retail Grocers' Association. He was head of the firm Schlie & Dehler, store located on South Water Street. Full obit: Decatur…

Theron A. Powers

BIO323-POWERS_THERON_A, 8-22-1925.jpg
Photograph of Theron A. Powers (died 8/22/1925). He was in the real estate business with his brothers under the firm name of Powers Brothers. He was for many years a director and officer of the Chamber of Commerce and prominent in hospital work. He…

Gus Nalefski

BIO286-NALEFSKI_GUS, C1917.jpg
Photograph of Gus Nalefski, Wabash Railroad dispatcher for many years.